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Rosa Moschata Seed Oil or Rose Hip Oil

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Rosa Moschata Seed Oil


Also known as: Rose hip oil, sometimes referred to as Rosa mosqueta


Benefits: Hydration, Anti-Ageing


Uses: Antioxidant, Emollient, Plant Extracts



  • Provides beneficial fatty acids that soothe and strengthen skin’s barrier
  • Offers antioxidant benefits mostly from its vitamins C and E content
  • Long history of use in cosmetics formulations, dating back to 1864


Rosa Moschata Seed Oil Description

Rosa moschata seed oil (commonly referred to as rose hip oil) is the oil pressed from the seed pods of a particular species of wild rose. As a topical skin care ingredient, it is cited in various studies dealing with compromised skin barrier, where it’s noted for providing beneficial fatty acids that have a positive effect on soothing and strengthening skin’s barrier.


Rosa moschata seed oil also offers antioxidant properties, and as a non-fragrant, emollient plant oil it has benefit for dry skin.


Rosa moschata seed oil has a long history of use in cosmetics formulations, with documentation dating all the way back to 1864. Some say its origins remain uncertain while other plant databases mention it’s native to Iran and Afghanistan.



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