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Covid and the vaccine

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These days, Covid has become the topic that has divided a nation.  If you are pro the vaccine, you are acknowledged as sensible and supportive of your community. If you hold reservations regarding the vaccine, you are labelled as selfish, an antivaxer, a rightwing extremist, a conspiracy theorist etc.  I have heard comments such as "if you are not vaccinated you are not welcome to associate with us or come over to our house".  This concept of intolerance towards non vaccinated people shows a lack of understanding of how immunisation works and what risks are associated with interactions between vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Essentially it becomes less about science and more about emotion.

It is evidenced that those under the age of 50 and who are not immune compromised have an extraordinarily low chance of dying. Here in Australia the focus and attention is on the 16-39 year olds to be vaccinated with a cry to lower the age for fear of the children.  To date there are no deaths within this category yet Mary-Louise McLaws a professor of epidemiology stated that “they carry the highest caseload yet lowest vaccination.  Without vaccination, young will have highest caseload & therefore highest numbers in hospital.”  Yes there are a number of patients within the 16-39 age group who have tested positive for Covid however, the chances of full survival are very high therefore the risk is extremely low.  The statement she shares is consistent with the maths but void of any evidence to support it as well as cognitive thinking.

Professor Mark Morgan, Chair of the RACGP expert committee – Quality care (REC-QC) stated “Based on past and present experience of managing patients with COVID-19, it is estimated 8-15% of Australians who test positive to the virus would be considered to be at high risk of disease progression and therefore recommended for treatment” – RACGP referring to the new covid treatment recently approved by the TGA.  This supports the concept that 8-15% of people would be hospitalized and eventually die therefore as a death prevention or permanent disfigurement due to covid, the treatment would be provided.

Just recently a 15 year old boy passed away suddenly from meningitis unfortunately, he was listed among the stats of Covid deaths simply because he tested positive.  The hospital where he was treated and subsequently passed away in, released a statement confirming that his death was not due to covid but was due to meningitis.  Some media reported the correct message however many have used the situation to link a child’s death to covid.  The AMA commented on the death of the teenager stating that “it has raised concerns around the transmission of Covid-19 among young people.”  With the police commissioner using the boy’s death to fuel fear and anxiety the media continued to link his death to covid.  Official data still includes his death under covid even though it was confirmed by Dr Chant, the treating hospital and government leaders that his death was unrelated it has still divided social media with people mixed in their beliefs.

The government congratulated themselves this week with acknowledgements on the increase in vaccinations stating that it was “as a result of increased education”.  It is difficult to accept that the increase in vaccinations linked to an increase in education was the only reason when you have a health minister and associates threatening people, businesses and organisations scaring employees with their job should they not be vaccinated and most importantly, a roll out of vaccination hubs via pharmacy and medical centers.  Naturally, with an increase in available locations, a clear visible direct effect on the number of vaccines administered would naturally be seen.  Many on social media are voicing opinions of concern due to the fact that it remains a clinical trial yet honestly feel anxious about the governments pressure to be vaccinated or else.

In a recent rare interview with Dr Chant and Minister Hazzard, Minister Hazzard was consistent in his approach employing stand over tactics and bullying styles to control the hour long interview restricting Dr Chant’s ability to respond and limiting the quality of the answers provided.  Most of the time was essentially wasted giving the impression that either he had something to hide or he held so much contempt for the interviewers that he couldn’t physically stand to be in their presence.  

To be honest, this issue regarding Covid has become a complete mess with so many opinions and “experts” around that the population at large are struggling with the ability to know what is correct and what is not.  No wonder there are hesitations.  Lockdowns are killing the economy and many are struggling to make ends meet with people worried about the future as so many do not qualify for the government assistance. No wonder there are protests and upheaval with so many people facing down the barrel of bankruptcy due to government enforced legislation.  The next thing will be the antidiscrimination against those who are unvaccinated. With a country trying to enforce compulsory vaccination with penalties attached it is no wonder that people are considering the antidiscrimination route as they apply their right of freedom of choice when deciding not to vaccinate.


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